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The inbuilt flash card app for the Kindle isn't the best. There's no effective learning mechanism. No recall testing. No spaced repetition.

Therefore you need some flashcards, compatible with popular smart flashcard platforms, such as Anki.

Use this website to parse your unknown words into flashcards and download them for your favourite flashcard platform.

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Connect Kindle to Laptop with USB cable

1: Connect your kindle via usb.

2: Click on the 'Choose file' button at the bottom of this page.

Kindle Root Dirrectory

3: Navigate to the kindle's root directory.

Kindle Root Directory with Hidden Files

4: On the Kindle, there is a hidden folder called 'system', if you cannot see it, press ' cmd + shift + . ' (on a mac).

Kindle Vocabulary DB Location

5: Locate system/vocabulary/vocab.db and open, your flashcards will be processed shortly after.

6: Download the csv and import into your flashcard platform. This has been tested with Anki

Note: We are still building up the vocabulary, so some cards may not have a definition.

Feel free to contact me via my Instagram if you have any issues or suggestions for improvements. Thanks.